Oakland Park, AC on the fritz?

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Fort Lauderdale, AC on the fritz?

Don't Get Caught Off Guard in this Blazing Spring Heat! 😅

Contact us today to find out about replacing your old ac system with a newly improved, super-efficient unit at an unbeatable deal.

Yes, I would like 67% Off an Air conditioning Repair Service Voucher Worth $150! – Fort Lauderdale


“Adam, Omar and Claudia were a delight to deal with. Having your AC go out in FL is NOT an enjoyable experience, but the team at Abraham AC was THE BEST. They are professional, knowledgable, prompt, fast, considerate, honest, affordable and do quality work. If you have AC issues, they are the team to do business with. They will take care of you. I highly recommend Abraham AC.”
Donna H.
“Very prompt and professional! We called in the evening and they were out the next day and quickly fixed our issue. We will be upgrading our old, inefficient system to a new one very soon and look forward to doing business with them again. We like working with local, honest businesses!”
Taryn A.
“I was recommended Abraham A/C by a friend I trust. They were competitive, friendly, and communicative. The installer, Robert, did a great job. Very pleased.”
Daryn M.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Oakland Park, FL.

When the weather coasts smoothly into the upper 90s during the summer, you don’t need to be told that it’s important to stay cool in Oakland Park, FL. But have you thought about what your air does aside from keeping you cool? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality (or IAQ) is vital to monitor your health and comfort and everyone in your home. 

Even if the air inside your home seems fine, depending on circumstances, you may be breathing in unhealthy particulates without even realizing it.

Poor Indoor Air Quality: Causes and Effects

What determines your indoor air quality? A major component is the state of your HVAC appliances. When left unattended, these appliances can transfer dust and even mold particles throughout your home. But other factors can contribute to pollution within the home.

Humidity is a constant companion of Oakland Park, and with a humid environment comes fungus and dust mites. That can be even worse if you have insufficient ventilation, which can trap the polluted air indoors and result in even more bacteria growth and dust build-up.

Symptoms of Poor Air Quality

When your home is experiencing indoor air pollution, the first ones to notice are usually those with allergies or respiratory illnesses. These individuals are especially sensitive to air quality, though they aren’t the only ones affected by poor IAQ. You may seek indoor air services if you’ve been feeling: 

  • Headaches
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Sore eyes
  • General fatigue

These symptoms, when noted, should not be ignored. Bad indoor air quality is a problem that doesn’t go away by itself. In fact, if you leave it unchecked, the EPA says that you could be exposing yourself to pollutants up to five times higher than outdoor concentrations in and around Oakland Park.

That’s not good, to say the very least. So what can be done to make sure the air in your home is as clean as possible? You can call Abraham AC!

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality 

Your indoor air quality pivots on how well your HVAC system can filter out particulates. There are a variety of filters you can attach to your system, but the best chance to reduce pathogens in the air is to install a HEPA filter. 

When you call Abraham AC for any kind of annual service, you can request for your technician to install a HEPA filter and an air purification system to go with it.

You’ll feel the effects of these devices immediately, even if you don’t know it. When the time hits, you or the people in your home will be able to achieve seasonal allergy relief. That is because, even when contaminants sneak past the installed filter, the UV of the air purification system eradicates them immediately. That’s a two-pronged line of defense that aids in the overall health of your home and the people that inhabit it.

Benefits of AC Maintenance

You shouldn’t wait until your air conditioner breaks down to get it serviced. Our suggestion at Abraham AC is to schedule an annual tune-up once a year. And you should prioritize this even for systems that are running smoothly. That’s because an AC in Oakland Park works especially hard, and even the best air conditioner can use a helping hand.

That is the main difference between an air conditioner repair and tune-up. A tune-up is a scheduled session meant to prevent your cooler from breaking down completely in the middle of Florida’s hottest season. When you book them consistently every year, these appointments allow one of our technicians to spot potential problem areas and fix them before they cause real trouble.

AC Tune-Ups and Air Quality

While preventing repair costs and improving overall reliability, keeping up with annual tune-ups is also one of the best ways to maintain healthy IAQ. That is especially true for homes in South Florida, where pollen and other allergens can spike at certain times throughout the year. 

An air purification system and HEPA filters are vital during this allergy season. But even then, you should still make sure to change or clean the filter once a year. Depending on the model you ask for, it could be as easy as taking a vacuum cleaner along the surface before putting it back. If you’re curious about the specifics, Abraham AC is fully capable of answering any of your questions.

Abraham AC for the Best “HVAC Technician Near Me”

Abraham AC is proud to have served homes across South Florida for almost twenty years. That’s over ten thousand units serviced and countless Oakland Park families who have found our service to be OVER their expectations! 

We specialize in AC repair and installations and all of the minute details that surround that process. That includes the indoor air quality of your home because we believe life in Florida is all of the better when you can come home and breathe easy. We care about your comfort and safety, and we think our reputation reflects that. 

So to take control of your home’s indoor air quality in South Florida, trust Abraham AC. Our work is a breath of fresh air.


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At Abraham AC, we specialize in AC repair and new installations for heating and central air conditioning systems.

It’s our job is to be available for your questions, and provide reliable communication. We want to make the process of fixing your ac as straight forward as possible at honest, dependable prices.

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Absolutely love this company! My a/c unit had an issue and Abraham sent someone over that day. Claudia whom handled my call was sweet and professional. The technician Adam was great..poor thing went on to my roof in a rain shower to check on the unit with no complaint. He was very thorough and serviced the unit rather quickly. Overall price was lower then I expected. With all the rift raft out there, I was very happy I chose to go with Abraham. Thank you!!


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