Residential A/C Maintenance

Your home can become very uncomfortable if your A/C breaks down. If this happens in the middle of summer or winter, your home could become downright unlivable. At Abraham AC & Heating Services, Inc. we promise to keep your A/C in top condition. Our maintenance crew will regularly service your A/C system, a process that helps ensure that any problems with the A/C are caught early.

What Are Residential A/C Maintenance Services?

Residential A/C maintenance services are critical in ensuring that you get long and uninterrupted service from your A/C system. Maintenance services help to catch problems early on and thus save you major repair costs or even having to replace the entire unit. A good example is if your A/C system is leaking refrigerant. Without constant checks, the problem escalates and the A/C system’s performance gets worse. Eventually, the entire system might stop working and you will spend more money getting the unit fixed.

When our team comes for residential A/C maintenance services, some of the components that they check include filters, the duct system, and other parts of the A/C. Our teams also check for leaks and mold infestations which can wreak havoc on your family’s health.

Why Do You Need Residential A/C Maintenance Services?

Apart from reducing the chances of your A/C system breaking down, residential A/C maintenance services help to keep your A/C operating costs down. This is because A/C systems that are properly maintained operate at their optimum. This means low energy consumption as well as effective cooling/heating outputs. Residential A/C maintenance services also prolong the life of your A/C unit. Given the fact that purchasing and installing A/C systems can be expensive, keeping your current A/C system working effectively for longer makes lots of money-sense.

Finally, ensuring that your A/C system is well maintained allows you to know exactly when you may need to replace your current A/C unit. Our technicians will always be open with you when we realize that you are better served by replacing the current unit rather than fixing it. This way, you can plan for a new unit and ensure that you dot waste money using an obsolete unit.

Choose Abraham AC & Heating Services, Inc. for Top-Notch Residential A/C Maintenance Services

At Abraham AC & Heating Services, Inc, we go out of our way to ensure that you get the best services possible. Our business model is based on giving our customers first-class service and this is reflected in the quality of work we do and our response time. If you call our team to fix a broken-down A/C system, you are guaranteed that we will be there on time. This applies to contractors who are working on new housing projects or renovating existing ones.  You can count on us to install or replace A/C systems in time, ensuring that you don’t suffer penalties due to delays.

At Abraham AC & Heating Services, Inc, we offer excellent value for money as our rates are very competitive. We are also happy to offer you advice when it comes to the selection of A/C brands and any other questions that you may have.

If you would like to know more about our A/C replacement services, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service representatives via a call at (954) 491-3220 or email us at [email protected]


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Absolutely love this company! My a/c unit had an issue and Abraham sent someone over that day. Claudia whom handled my call was sweet and professional. The technician Adam was great..poor thing went on to my roof in a rain shower to check on the unit with no complaint. He was very thorough and serviced the unit rather quickly. Overall price was lower then I expected. With all the rift raft out there, I was very happy I chose to go with Abraham. Thank you!!


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