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How to Keep Your AC Unit From Freezing

With the hot and humid weather conditions of Broward County, your air conditioner is the most essential appliance in your entire home. 

However, since your air conditioner is working hard to keep your home cool, it must be adequately maintained with regular AC tune-ups to prevent problems from occurring. If you don’t schedule routine maintenance, your AC unit is vulnerable to freezing, which prevents it from working correctly. 

If your AC unit freezes on a hot Florida day, the air conditioner won’t be able to cool your home. This causes an extremely uncomfortable home environment for you and your family.

Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to prevent your AC unit from freezing. The best way to keep your AC unit from freezing is by scheduling regular AC maintenance. 

Continue reading to learn why your AC unit may freeze and what to do with frozen AC units.

What Happens When My AC Unit Freezes?

If your AC unit is frozen up, this means there is ice covering it. There are many reasons why AC units freeze. However, it usually happens when hot air moves through the cooling coil in the air handler to be cooled. 

When the moisture in the warm air is cooled, this creates condensation in the cooling coil. Then, the condensation and excess moisture is typically drained out of the house. 

However, if the AC unit is clogged or has been running for an extended period of time, the coil can go below freezing temperatures. When this happens, the condensation in the cooling coil could transform into ice or frost.

If there is ice covering your AC unit’s coil, warm air won’t be able to travel through to be adequately cooled. For this reason, your AC unit won’t be able to cool down your home effectively.

Why Is My AC Unit Freezing?

Air conditioning units throughout Broward County are working overtime to keep your homes and businesses cool. Here are some of the reasons why your AC unit could freeze:

Restricted Airflow

If warm air cannot travel over the AC unit’s cooling coil, the coil will reach below freezing temperatures. Then, the condensation and moisture will freeze to create layers of ice over the cooling coil. 

When this happens, the warm air inside your home cannot be cooled, and you’ll be facing a hot and humid home environment. Warm air cannot flow through the cooling coil when filters are clogged or ductwork leaks. 

If this occurs, warm air won’t reach the refrigerant to eliminate heat and distribute cool air into your home. However, this problem can be easily prevented through regular professional maintenance on your AC unit. 

Clogged Air Filters

The air filters in AC units catch dust and other airborne elements as they pass through the system. If they’re not cleaned or replaced over time, they become congested, making it harder to move air through the system. 

For this reason, the AC unit will need to work harder, which can cause freeze-ups or even a complete breakdown. As a homeowner, it’s vital to regularly maintain your AC unit and filters. 

Leaking Coolant

If your air conditioner has low coolant levels or runs out of it, your AC unit may freeze up. Coolants help your AC units produce cool air and are necessary for all air conditioning systems. 

However, freezing AC units may indicate that your coolant is leaking. When this occurs, your cooling coil won’t have enough liquid to remove heat from the warm air that passes through it. 

Thus, the coil will drop below freezing temperatures. If you’ve recently added more coolant to your AC unit and still face AC freezes, there is a good chance a leak is present.

Malfunctioning Fans

If the fans in your AC unit are broken and unable to move air through the system, the AC unit will be vulnerable to freezing. A technician can help you find out whether a malfunctioning fan is the cause of an AC freeze.

Hot Broward County Weather

Living in Florida means that your AC unit is constantly running to maintain cool temperatures in your home. If cold air escapes your home through windows or doors, your AC will need to work even harder. 

Furthermore, the drastic drop in temperatures at nighttime may cause your cooling coils to work inefficiently. For this reason, your AC unit may freeze.

What Can I Do if My AC Unit Freezes?

If your AC unit freezes, a professional can help you find out what’s going on. Here are the steps you should take if your AC unit freezes:

Step 1: Turn Your Air Conditioner Off

If you don’t turn your AC unit off, ice and frost will continue building in your unit. Leaving your AC unit off for an extended period of time allows the ice to melt and evaporate.

Once the ice accumulated on the cooling coils melt, you might think that you can start using the AC unit again. However, your AC unit will likely freeze again and may even completely shut down. To prevent further problems, call a technician for a closer look.

Step 2: Adjust Your Thermostat

If there is a considerable accumulation of ice in your AC unit, you can set your thermostat to heat to accelerate the thawing process until a technician finds the root cause of the problem.

Step 3: AC Maintenance and Clean-Up

As your AC unit is thawing, the technician will inspect the drain pipes for debris. They need to remove any water that has accumulated in the drain pan quickly. If the water floods into your AC unit’s core, it’ll cause costly damages and repairs.

Step 4: Change the Filter

Since you’re already in an AC tune-up process, the technician might change the AC unit’s filter. AC filters should be changed every few months. Your technician can recommend the best filter for your unit and tell you how often to change it.

Step 5: Complete Your AC Tune-Up

Remember never to continue running your air conditioner if the coils are frozen. 

Once the AC unit has thawed and the problem has been addressed, the technician will turn your AC unit back on and make sure it is working correctly. 

How Do I Prevent Air Conditioner Freezes?

The best way to prevent your AC unit from freezing is by implementing routine AC maintenance. 

Your local AC technicians will ensure that the evaporator coils are clean and that everything is running efficiently and effectively. They will also check your coolant levels and adjust the fan speed to its optimal setting. 

For at-home AC maintenance, remember to change the AC filters regularly. However, make sure to review your AC manufacturer’s instructions or ask your technician to find out which filter to purchase for your AC unit.

Additionally, you can check and open all supply vents so that they are unimpeded. Although many homeowners believe that closing vents help save energy, this reduces the airflow, causing the AC unit to operate inefficiently.

Only a professional AC company can provide your home with AC maintenance needed to prevent freezing. A quick and easy AC tune-up will prevent costly damages in the future and ensure your home is always cool during the hot Broward County summers.

Schedule an Inspection Today

The best way to prevent your AC unit from freezing is to schedule regular AC maintenance inspections from a professional AC company. Our certified technicians at Abraham AC conduct an in-depth examination of your AC system to make sure it’s in perfect condition. 

Scheduling a regular AC tune-up is a proactive solution that keeps your home from being faced with a broken AC unit during the hot Broward County weather. Give your local professionals at Abraham AC a call or email us to schedule your AC inspection today.

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