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How Humidity Affects Your AC Unit

Muggy weather is the worst, but what if the inside of your home is muggy too? If you have a very humid home, your AC unit is working overtime trying to overcompensate for all that atmospheric moisture. The more humidity in the air, the harder it is for an air conditioner to cool it.

Don’t put up with an air conditioner that just won’t cut it. Instead, cut down on the humidity in your home and experience a cool, climate-controlled environment. If your home has high humidity, and you find yourself in need of an AC repair or AC tune-up, it’s likely time to contact an expert to get your AC serviced by professionals.

Can High Humidity Break My Air Conditioner?

Humidity naturally warms the air. That’s why summer days in Oakland Park can feel even hotter than the actual temperature. Florida has extremely high humidity, and when these moisture levels are so consistently elevated, not even your AC can get on top of it.

Think of it this way: your air conditioner is trying to push the cold air through all that heavy, warm air. At the same time, the moisture present in the room is also working its way into the AC unit, causing a whole host of issues to take root inside.

High moisture levels can cause several unhealthy pollutants to grow in your AC unit, including:

  • Mold
  • Algae 
  • Fungus
  • Bacteria

This kind of cultivation can cause adverse health effects by fostering allergies and illness in residents of the home. Between the strain on your AC system and all of the live cultures growing inside of it, it’s no wonder AC repairs and AC services are so necessary in Oakland Park.

What Kind of AC Service Will Help?

The best solution to high humidity levels in your home is to add a dehumidifier to your HVAC system. The trained specialists with your local HVAC team are well-equipped to ensure a successful new AC installation or AC Replacement.

While older models don’t come with a dehumidifier, newer AC units have built-in dehumidifiers to prevent this type of problem from occurring. 

By choosing to have a new AC installation or AC replacement that includes a dehumidifier, you will be getting a system that self-regulates the humidity problems and ensures that your home will not be plagued with the issues associated with high humidity levels.

Ask your local HVAC specialist if a new AC installation or AC replacement with a dehumidifier is the right choice for you and your home when you are in or near Oakland Park.

Will an AC Repair Fix Humidity Problems?

If you decide that a new unit installation or replacement isn’t for you, the next best solution is to buy a separate dehumidifier and get an AC tune-up or AC repair for your current unit.

Residents of Oakland Park, know that new doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes repairing or refurbishing what you already have will work just fine.

Why Get an AC Tune-Up?

When your AC has been battling the humidity for a while, an AC tune-up is just the thing to clean it out and get it working like new.

Even if you haven’t felt the effects of humidity on your AC system yet, we can promise you that if you don’t have a high-quality dehumidifier working in tandem with it, your unit is being compromised by the humidity.

An AC tune-up will ensure that all of your AC system’s parts are still in good working order. During a tune-up, the technician will also clear out any mold or algae buildup so that you are not breathing in those spores right alongside the cold air.

How Do I Know If I Need an AC Repair?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your AC unit isn’t working right. High humidity does a number on AC systems, so it’s important to keep on the lookout for any symptoms of wear and tear.

Some of the most common signs that your AC unit needs repair after being exposed to high humidity are:

  • A strange, musty smell throughout the home
  • Increased condensation on windows
  • The air in your home feels moist, muggy, or damp
  • The AC has a weak cooling effect or no effect at all

While most people in Oakland Park, might see living with high humidity as a way of life, that is not the way it’s supposed to be inside a home with central AC. If your AC unit is acting strangely or not working at all, you may need to schedule an AC repair service from your local HVAC service team.

AC Repair or Replacement: What Is Best for Me?

Now that you understand how humidity has negatively impacted your AC unit, you might be wondering what the next step is to prevent or correct any of the issues that come with an AC system affected by humidity. 

This decision is entirely up to you, and there are benefits that come with both replacement and repair.

AC Replacement

By opting to replace your AC unit with a new installation, you will have the option of getting an AC that comes with a built-in dehumidifier.

As long as the AC unit is sized correctly for your home and you keep up with regular maintenance, you shouldn’t experience any of the issues associated with humidity on the AC system.

AC Repairs

If you decide to simply repair and replace the parts of your AC system affected by humidity, you will be saving on the cost of total replacement and new installation. 

It will be important to get a high-quality dehumidifier, or even multiple dehumidifiers, to help your system cope with the high humidity levels. Separate dehumidifying units may not work as well as a new AC installation, but they might be enough to prevent your AC units from becoming completely overwhelmed.

Whether you opt for cost-effective repairs or a new installation for long-term prevention, you can rely on your local HVAC service team to offer incredible AC services for your unit when you’re in Oakland Park, or surrounding areas.

Regular AC Maintenance Service

Another great way to prevent the adverse effects of humidity on your AC unit is through regular AC maintenance from a professional service.

Regular cleaning and AC tune-ups will keep your system at optimal functionality and prevent an overload of humidity-related setbacks.

A tune-up specialist will clear out any mold or bacteria growth, in addition to checking on every part of your AC system and attached dehumidifier, if applicable.

We advise that you schedule an AC maintenance service or AC tune-up at least once a year, regardless of how old or new your AC system is. That way, if there are any problems brewing inside, the HVAC technician can catch it early on.

Call your local HVAC specialists today if you are in or around Oakland Park, to schedule your AC maintenance service.

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