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This Is Why You Need to Get Your AC Tune Up Done Before Summer

Oakland Park, Florida, homeowners know heat. 

Between that thick humidity and those scorching summer temperatures, most Floridians have learned some great tricks to stay out of the heat. But there’s nothing more important than properly working AC systems. 

Luckily, most Floridians have some sort of AC system. But it’s easy to ignore your AC system until there’s a problem with it, resulting in costly breakdowns and the stress of having to wait around for the repair technician while you’re sizzling.

Avoid all of that stress and save serious money by scheduling an AC tune-up before summer rounds the corner. Read on to learn more details. 

What Is an AC Tune-Up? 

An AC tune-up is the process of servicing your AC unit before a problem arises. Also referred to as a preventative maintenance appointment, when you schedule a tune-up, a technician will arrive at your home to help make your AC unit in tip-top shape again. 

Usually, our technicians will come and assess your machine and inspect each mechanism for potential problems. 

Then, our technicians will also clean your machine, tighten parts, and more, to ensure that your unit is in good condition and can handle the upcoming summer season. 

By scheduling routine tune-ups, you not only help your unit perform better, you also help minimize the chance of an unexpected breakdown in the middle of the season. 

Additionally, AC units that are regularly cared for typically last much longer than units that are ignored over the course of their lives. 

Why Are HVAC Tune-Ups Important? 

There are many benefits of a routine HVAC tune-up. For one, it makes your home much more energy-efficient. 

When you tune-up your AC unit, you help your AC system return to optimal efficiency. By cleaning the ducts, tightening parts, and replacing all mechanisms that have suffered from normal wear-and-tear, your AC unit will return to performing how it did the day you installed it. 

That means it won’t have to put as much effort into performing the same cooling temperatures that it did prior to your tune-up.

As a result, your home will be much more efficient and environmentally friendly. Additionally, you will see a decrease in utility bills. Your indoor air quality will also improve, and you will enjoy much more thorough cooling throughout your home.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the stress you will avoid by preventing an unexpected breakdown. 

During the summer, residents use their AC systems at a much higher rate than any other time of the ear. That means all of those problems that have been building up become much more pronounced, and your AC unit has a significantly higher chance of breaking down. 

When you tune-up your AC, you avoid a breakdown mid-summer. This not only protects you and your family from dangerous (and even deadly) high summer heat, but it also means that you won’t have to wait days or even weeks for HVAC contractors. Unsurprisingly, the summer is a busy time of year for any HVAC contractor.

When you tune-up your AC before the summer season begins, you don’t have to wait around for HVAC contractors to finish up the neighborhood rounds before making their way to your home. 

Signs You Need a Tune-Up 

It’s safe to say that every homeowner needs to have a tune-up at least once a year. However, your system can present other signs that indicate it’s maybe not working at its best and could benefit from a tune-up appointment.

Some of these signs are: 

  • Your utility bills have recently spiked or gone way up 
  • You notice a bad smell coming from your unit
  • Your indoor air quality has significantly decreased 
  • Your AC unit is making loud clunking noises 
  • Your AC unit struggles to produce cool air 
  • You notice your AC unit is leaking 

If you notice one or more of these signs, chances are your AC unit has some problems accumulating inside. To avoid an inconvenient, costly breakdown, schedule an HVAC tune-up to identify problems.

Is It Better to Run Your AC Before It Gets Hot?

Some homeowners wonder if they should run their AC before the beginning of the summer season. The answer is yes! You should absolutely do a test-run of your AC system before you need it to combat those high temperatures. 

Running your AC system is a good way to identify any problems for the upcoming season, but it’s also a good idea to get your unit running and ease its way into the AC season. 

If you run into any issues when you run your AC system, it’s vital that you contact professional help immediately as these issues most likely will not resolve themselves on their own. 

For the most sophisticated help with your cooling unit, call our team at Abraham AC. We’re excited to visit your home to help your AC unit return to premier shape. 

How Often Should an AC Be Tuned Up?

Every AC unit is different, but on a general basis, AC units should be tuned-up about once a year. 

Of course, if your AC unit is older and has a history of problems, it may not be a bad idea to tune-up your AC unit before the season as well as immediately after in case it accumulated any problems during the season. 

Additionally, if your unit is older, it may require two HVAC tune-ups and AC service a year.  

Generally, AC units last between 10 and 15 years. If your unit is hitting that age range (or if it’s older) it may be a good idea to check up on its health and functionality more often than you would with a newer AC unit. 

Professionals vs. DIY 

Some handy homeowners may be tempted to perform tune-ups and maintenance on their HVAC systems without the use of a professional. However, doing this can have disastrous consequences. 

For example, many AC units have a clause in the warranty that makes the warranty go void if an inexperienced, untrained hand tinkers around with the unit. Furthermore, when you’re an amateur technician, you risk inflicting further damage to your AC unit. 

Finally, your AC unit contains liquids, gasses, and electricity, which can be a deadly combination for the untrained homeowner. When you tinker around with your AC unit, you could start a sudden fire, combustion, or even electrocution! 

Don’t risk it. Call for help when your AC unit requires maintenance and tune-ups. 

Call Abraham AC Today! 

When you’re an Oakland Park, Florida, homeowner, you know as well as we do that you can’t mess around with summer heat. To ensure your AC unit is strong enough to combat those high temperatures, make sure to schedule regular tune-ups and maintenance.

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