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The Best Time for Residential AC Installation in Parkland, FL Is Right Now

Peak air-conditioning installation season is slowing down in Parkland, FL. While our town is not exactly known for its brutal winters, chances are we’ll be using our AC units a bit less often for the next few months. That means it’s the best time to get an AC replacement for your home.

Fall and winter are the best seasons for residential AC installation, even in places like Broward County where summer seemingly never ends. There’s simply less demand for AC service in the fall.

Although temperatures don’t drop off that much in Parkland when October comes, HVAC companies like Abraham AC & Heating Services have at least a few surplus AC units available each autumn. These units are always priced to move, just as in other U.S. cities with more drastic fall climate shifts.

Simply put, right now is the time for customers to get a great bargain on AC replacement and service. That’s especially true for a place like Parkland, where year-round central AC use is common. 

Abraham AC & Heating Services can give your AC system the upgrade or replacement it needs while giving you a great deal in the process. 

Why Central AC Service Is Important for Parkland, FL

Floridians need working central AC units more than most other parts of the US. Our summers are notably hot and humid. Our local population didn’t start booming until the 1960s when central AC unit sales began to take off.

But having to escape suffocating heat isn’t the only reason central AC is so important here. Florida’s typical combination of humidity and heat gives mold and mildew all of the conditions they need to grow, even in newer homes. That opens the door to a whole host of problems.

With our state’s average humidity of 74%, it’s a naturally attractive place for mold to proliferate. That can result in all sorts of other problems, like allergies and structural damage. In these conditions, an AC unit is more than just a comfort item; it’s an important health and home maintenance tool.

AC units only work if they’re in good condition. Modern AC units are built to last between 15 and 20 years; older units start failing after about a decade. If you’ve noticed your system is not working as well as it should, age and lack of maintenance may have left it on its last legs.

Abraham AC & Heating Services’ HVAC technicians have years of experience in HVAC inspection, repair, and replacement. We’ll do more than help you find the AC unit that’s right for your home; we’ll also perform regular maintenance to keep it in top condition for a longer usable life. 

Choosing the Right Central AC Unit

No two residential AC installations are the same, though they follow the same general (and complicated) process. The AC system that works for the family across the street may not be right for your house size, needs, or budget.

Several factors come into play when deciding what AC installation is right for your home, including:

  • How much room you have for AC installation

  • How much space the system will cool

  • Whether the design requires ductwork

  • How energy-efficient the system needs to be

Your team from Abraham AC & Heating Services will explain all of your options for an AC system that will work best for your situation. We’re proud to be one of Rheem’s Pro Partners, but we also install units from Carrier, Amana, Goodman, and other top-rated brands your project may require. 

Our licensed professionals evaluate all of the specifics of your home and energy profile to find the installation that’s perfect for your needs.

We work hard to get every part of your purchase and installation right — beginning with the selection. That’s why Abraham AC & Heating Services offers you a full consultation and estimate right from the very start. 

We help you decide what AC unit is most compatible with your home and lifestyle, and we plan each installation step before an HVAC installation technician ever steps inside your house. 

Commitment to Quality Residential AC Installation and Maintenance

When a central AC installation isn’t done right, the results can be uncomfortable at best and costly at worst. Duct leaks, loose electrical hookups, bad thermostat connections, and low refrigerant levels force AC units to work harder and send utility bills sky-high.

Abraham AC & Heating Services’ technicians pay close attention to every detail in the installation process, from removing the old system to the final HVAC inspection. We also make sure to follow every procedure in our annual maintenance check to ensure your AC unit continues to work effectively and efficiently. 

Why You Need Professional Residential AC Installation Services

Because AC installation is such a complicated process, it should always be performed by experienced technicians who do it every day. Cutting corners on AC installation only saves money in the short term. An amateur installation will result in a system that won’t work reliably, costing thousands of dollars more in energy use and future repairs.

In some cases, AC installation can only be done by professionals. If your new system requires handling refrigerant, you need special certification from the EPA. You also need to be completely up to speed on local building codes and emissions standards. Those qualifications are things unlicensed HVAC technicians just don’t have.

Abraham AC & Heating Services offers our customers dependable and complete AC installation. We’ll work with your budget to find and install the best AC system for your house and family. You’ll notice the difference professional installation makes immediately and save money on repairs and utility bills in the long term. 

Year-Round HVAC Inspection and Maintenance

Even the most problem-free AC system needs regular check-ups to keep it in top operating shape. Preventative AC inspection and maintenance are crucial, especially in Parkland, FL. These important steps increase your central air system’s energy efficiency and find potential issues before they start.

Abraham AC & Heating Services’ maintenance technicians inspect every part, replace old components, and fix problems before they grow out of hand. Our HVAC inspection checklist includes changing air filters, cleaning ducts and coils, thermostat calibration, and testing the system for safety and energy efficiency.

Having an inspection once or twice a year will pay for itself in money saved over the life of your AC unit. Regular maintenance is an important part of the service Abraham AC offers. 

The Best Choice for AC Installation in Parkland, FL

Whether you choose a central AC unit, a heat pump system, or a ductless air conditioner, Abraham AC & Heating Services’ technicians and contractors are Broward County’s most experienced professionals in AC replacement. 

We guide you through every decision point, give you fair estimates, and install your AC system as thoroughly and quickly as possible.

Our customer service goes beyond installation and regular maintenance. We help you understand the importance of environmental standards like the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and show you how they can improve energy use and lower utility bills. 

Abraham AC & Heating Services strive to get installation right the first time, but we also perform expert repair work when something goes wrong.

Now’s the time to take advantage of seasonal AC unit surpluses and get a good deal on a new AC unit installation. If you’d like to learn more about our AC installation services and get a free estimate, give Abraham AC & Heating Services’ customer service department a call today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Why Do You Need Annual A/C Maintenance?

Proper A/C maintenance ensures that all of your heating and cooling equipment are safe to operate. Because air conditioners consume a lot of power, unchecked electrical faults can cause fire hazards or electrocution. If you have a furnace in your home, it also needs to be inspected for potential structural integrity issues that may negatively affect your indoor air quality. Furnaces and air conditioners are interdependent on each other, so if one system fails, other cooling or heating can systems fail in a cascade effect. That’s why it is important to take care of all the systems at regular intervals.

In addition to preventing breakdowns, regular A/C maintenance helps homeowners save money on utility bills. Well-maintained air conditioning systems keep houses at a specified temperature without consuming too much energy.

Do-It-Yourself A/C Maintenance Tips

Evaporator coils accumulate dirt over time, and this affects the rate at which the A/C system cools or heats your house.

  • Step One: Use a soft brush to get dust and debris out of the way. Next, spray the evaporator coil with a no-rinse coil cleaner to get rid of deposits and other gunk to improve the component’s efficiency.
  • Step Two: The buildup of algae and mold can clog the evaporator drain and cause flooding issues. In addition, clogging can cause a bad odor to linger in your home. Locate the evaporator drainpipe and get rid of debris with a dry or wet vacuum cleaner.
  • Step Three: If you live in a dusty environment, you should replace the blower filter at least twice annually. Ideally, you should do it before the heating season starts and also right before the cooling season.

Don’t forget to clean your condenser and compressor that are typically installed outside the home. It is recommended to run a regular A/C service schedule to keep these components in top condition.

  • Step One: Temporarily cut the power to the A/C unit before you clean it. For most A/C systems, owners just need to remove the block or breaker or move the switch to the off position.
  • Step Two: Use a rough paint brush or vacuum cleaner to remove debris around the unit.
  • Step Three: Clean and reshape (straighten) your A/C condenser fins. If your fan motor does not use sealed bearings, remember to check the fans’ lubrication.

When Do You Need to Call A/C Maintenance Experts?

Realistically speaking, there are some A/C maintenance tasks that require the assistance of professionals. For example, A/C compressor short cycling, checking electrical faults, calibration procedures should be handled by an experienced A/C service technician. If your air conditioning system needs more than regular maintenance, do not hesitate to contact Abraham AC & Heating Services, Inc. for professional A/C repair solutions.

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